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          Temperature Humidity Chambers

          Drive in / Walk in Chambers

          HALT HASS / ESS Chambers

          Thermal Shock Chambers

          Altitude Chambers

          AGREE Vibration Chambers

          Stability Chambers

          Speciality Climatic Chambers

          Vibration Test Systems

          Mechanical Testing Equipment

          Battery Testing Equipment

          Laboratory / Industrial Ovens

          Welcome To AtMars 

          We offer You with comprehensive solution of standard & custom-designed Environmental Test Chambers for reliable Environmental Testing.


          Over 18 Years Experience


          More Than 300 Partners


          Sold More Than 10K Units



          Temperature Humidity ChambersTemperature Humidity Chambers
          Drive in / Walk in ChambersDrive in / Walk in Chambers
          HALT HASS / ESS ChambersHALT HASS / ESS Chambers
          Thermal Shock ChambersThermal Shock Chambers
          Altitude ChambersAltitude Chambers
          AGREE Vibration ChambersAGREE Vibration Chambers
          Stability ChambersStability Chambers
          Speciality Climatic ChambersSpeciality Climatic Chambers
          Vibration Test SystemsVibration Test Systems
          Mechanical Testing EquipmentMechanical Testing Equipment
          Battery Testing EquipmentBattery Testing Equipment
          Laboratory / Industrial OvensLaboratory / Industrial Ovens